Wildlife vs. Attractants Guide

Garbage and organics are the #1 attractant leading to human and wildlife conflict in our communities. We want to ensure that our neighbors and customers understand their roles in limiting these encounters. You have a better chance of avoiding small or large creatures roaming, feasting, and settling on your property by following these steps:

• Do not store garbage or organic waste outdoors. If this isn’t an option for your home, we suggest purchasing a “Bear Resistant Container” or creating an outdoor waste enclosure.
• If you have a curbside collection, please place your containers curbside the morning of your collection day. Do not leave containers out overnight.
• Ensure all recyclables have been thoroughly cleaned before placing curbside.
• Feed pets indoors and keep pets inside at night.
• Keep your barbecue clean by burning off uncooked food and emptying the grease container.
• Install electric fencing to protect fruit trees, pick fruit early, and do not let windfall accumulate.
• Avoid feeding birds when bears are most active (April to November) and ensure birdfeeders are always inaccessible to non-target species such as bears, deer, squirrels, and raccoons. Do not let seeds accumulate that may attract rats and other rodents.
if you live, work or play in Wildlife Country, we suggest visiting https://wildsafebc.com to learn about the wildlife in your area, safety tips, conflict reduction, and more!


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