Zero Waste Challenge

AjM Disposal is proud to support the Zero Waste Challenge in Metro Vancouver.

Zero Waste Challenge

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The Zero Waste Challenge is about reducing our waste. All of us make decisions everyday that impact how much garbage we send to the landfill.

Today, thanks to recycling and reusing, more than half (55%) of the 3.6 million tonnes of waste we create every year is kept out of the garbage.

  • As more people move into this region, more garbage is created.
  • Recycling rates have been improving steadily since the 1990s, however overall waste generation is also increasing.
  • Residents are producing more garbage than they used to.
  • 9% of the garbage is plastic 13% of the garbage is food waste.
  • About 30% of our garbage goes to a waste-to-energy facility. The rest to landfill.
The BEST way to manage garbage is to not make in the first place. Shop differently, use reusable bags.
Recycling has huge benefits (creates jobs and income, gives value to unwanted items) and is something we are good at in this region. Recycling alone can not be the final answer to our garbage problems. Recycling still uses resources and has hidden costs from collection, transport and processing. The Zero Waste Challenge links to the region’s new solid waste plan. It represents a step we are taking as a region to move towards making the least amount of garbage possible.
Reuse gives used items new life. For example, look for an opportunity for someone to reuse your old cell phone, computers, televisions and more.

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