AJM Disposal is offering containers for purchase for your organic waste. All containers can be purchased through our office by Visa or Mastercard. Please contact us if you’re looking to order for multiple residents. All container purchases include delivery and taxes.


23L Container – $18.00

This container is designed for a home with 1-2 residents. It is large enough to contain a week’s worth of organic waste in a manageable size. With it’s locking lid, it can be placed curbside for service pickups and it can also be your kitchen container as well.

23L Organic Waste Container


7L Container – $8.00

The kitchen container is a smaller container that can be utilized on your counter top or under the sink. It’s designed to be the transport container from your plate to your curbside organics container.

7L Organic Waste Container

If you have any questions regarding sizes, application, or any general organics question please contact us at info@ajmdisposal.com or call our office at (604) 590-1857.