Waste Management | Principles of Hierarchy

Waste Management | Principles of Hierarchy

When it comes to waste management, AjM Disposal know that the circuit begins with the generation of waste at the source (company, factory or workshop) and ends with the final disposal and with the documentation that proves the correct action with hazardous waste. The truth is that within this basic process you can establish hierarchies of actions that give a much more optimized result.

Hierarchical principles in waste management

1. Prevent and minimize the generation of waste:

The hierarchical order begins by promoting the minimization of waste generation and preventing the risks inherent in its management and disposal.

It is important to introduce the concept of sustainable consumption, a key tool to minimize the high number of hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated. Campaigns and policies of education and social awareness are key points when it comes to modifying irresponsible habits that put our health and that of the environment at risk.

2. Use and recovery of waste:

The second point in the hierarchical order refers to the recovery and recycling of materials. This favors economic aspects (since many elements can be sold) but also, and above all, favors the environment.

In addition to reducing, recycling is a more than important point. It is what allows giving a useful end to the waste generated.

3. Treatment:

If we talk about recycling, treatment is essential. This link will involve transformation processes of matter under environmentally accepted standards.

4. Final disposition:

It is the last step and it is the one that guarantees that the previous steps were fulfilled in a safe and responsible way. The final disposal guarantees the safety process that minimizes the risks of environmental contamination of hazardous waste through legal documentation.

The final objective of responsible waste management is to reduce the volume and danger of the same.

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