What We Take

Our junk removal professionals can take away just about anything you might have. You don’t have to worry about hurting your back or wrecking your clothes having to load your junk yourself. We take the stress out of junk removal and make it easy for you because we supply the man-power to load your junk into our truck. Then we haul it away to the proper recycling depot and unload it.

We always make sure that your junk is recycled properly and we continually follow all the waste recycling guidelines set out by your local municipality. Please ensure that your garbage is easily accessible for our team to get to. Please go through the lists below to see if the junk you have is the junk we can take.

**There are some items we cannot take such as treated lumber, oils, household chemicals and solvents, paints and hazardous waste so please make sure to ask we you call to book your junk removal pickup.**

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