Wildlife vs Attractants Guide AJM Disposal

Wildlife vs. Attractants Guide

Garbage and organics are the #1 attractant leading to human and wildlife conflict in our communities. We want to ensure that our neighbors and customers understand their roles in limiting these encounters. You have a better chance of avoiding small or large creatures roaming, feasting, and settling on your property by following these steps: • […]

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WMABC Award AJM Disposal

WMABC “Safety Matters Award”

On March 31st, 2022, AjM Disposal Services was presented with the “Safety Matters Award” from the Waste Management Association of BC (WMABC). The association, which is made up of waste hauling companies, processors, and vendors throughout BC, recognized AJM as a leader in safety in the workplace. As one of the most dangerous industries in […]

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The Importance Of Proper Waste Management

For correct waste management, it is important to know the types of waste we generate, especially to rule out risks of contamination for health and the environment. Absolutely all waste, depending on its material, use, and substance, is divided into usable or non-usable waste. Usable waste can be for domestic, commercial, industrial, or service uses; […]

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Classification of Different Types of Waste

Every year a considerable volume of waste ends up in landfills. It is true that the situation varies by country, but the general situation causes incalculable effects on the environment. One of the main objectives of governments and producers is precisely to reduce the generation of waste. In this way, the risks for vulnerable places […]

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